Online Banking and Bill Pay
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Online Banking

Online Banking is a free service that provides safe and secure access to your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Enjoy convenient banking from any location, while at home or away. Click here to learn beyond the basics of online banking.

Online Banking Features Online Banking Benefits
View account balances and statements Know where your account stands day or night
Transfer funds between accounts Automatic transfers build savings faster or transfer funds to checking to cover expenditures.
View account history History date ranges assist with balancing your checkbook
Order checks online No need to go to a separate website
Download account information into person software Manage your entire financial landscape from one location
Easy transaction search Aids in balancing your checkbook

Bill Pay

Save time and money with this quick and easy free bill pay service. Bill Pay allows you to gain more control over your finances and ensures payment dates.

Bill Pay Features Bill Pay Benefits
Receive electronic bills Less paper clutter and easy on the environment
Schedule recurring payments For equal monthly payments, schedule once and the payment is made month after month until you decide to change it.
Eliminate postage costs At current postage rates this offers huge savings- not to mention checks and envelopes.
View payment history Great for tracking tax deductable donations and payments.

Beyond the Basics with Free Online Banking

Online banking has become an easy and convenient way for customers to manage not just their money, but their entire financial and bill payment processes. Our free online banking system offers many unique and useful tools for saving you both time and money in all aspect of your financial life. Think about all the times you pay another company and/or individual. Many of these payments can be managed on your time frame and from the comfort of your home – even in your pajamas! Check out the following creative uses for online banking and bill pay. Have a situation and wonder if internet banking and/or bill pay could help? Just call or drop by your local branch. They have access to individuals who just love to figure these things out!