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Heightened Phishing Attempts - BE ON THE ALERT!

11/15/2013 5:10 PM

Category: Alerts and Scams

Alerts are hitting an all-time high in the world right now with regard to consumers receiving automated phishing scams.

It all adds up to one great banker: Mike Coffey

11/8/2013 11:25 AM

Category: Powered by Community / Subcategory: Business Development

It all adds up to one great banker: Mike Coffey Mike Coffey, Getting Homebuyers on Track. "With expertise and careful attention to detail, I'm proud to help customers get their goals on track."

Malicious Software Attack "CryptoLocker"

11/1/2013 11:50 AM

Category: Alerts and Scams

The State of Idaho and the FBI have issued a high alert regarding the "CryptoLocker" software attack. There has been an alarming amount of people falling victim to this virus as it presents itself in the form of an email message that will look familiar but will carry an executable.