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Caller ID Spoofing Scam

7/17/2012 11:50 AM

Category: Alerts and Scams

The Fraudsters are at it again. Here’s another twist on attempts to gather information: Customer receives a call with an automated message appearing to be from a legitimate phone number directing them to claim a prize they’ve won by accessing a specific website. Presumably if they enter the website they will be asked to enter additional personal information.

Nationwide Utility Bill Scam

7/11/2012 12:00 AM

Category: Alerts and Scams

The BBB has issued a nationwide warning about a new scam claiming that President Obama will pay your utility bills through a new federal program.

It all adds up to one great banker: Anita Porter

7/2/2012 8:25 AM

Category: Powered by Community / Subcategory: Business Development

It all adds up to one great banker: Anita Porter Anita Porter, at Home on the Range. "Whether it's construction, business expansion or developing a new venture, I enjoy the hands-on work of putting together a unique loan package for every customer. Where others might see obstacles, I see opportunity waiting to unfold."